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hewo owo

i'm hiro, i was top 200 taiko in 2016
[spoiler]sadly can't remember my exact place uwu[/spoiler]
i'm using a dkdk [spoiler]red blue red blue[/spoiler] playstyle in the keys fghj

i'm able to use ddkk up to 5 and kddk up to 6 stars.
i like mapping taiko maps a lot so if you search for a gd let me know.

⋆Taiko⋆ 卍ヒロ卍






Das Feenreich is a Enjuu player from Japan.
They signed up on Enjuu .
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They play with Keyboard.


Community Manager

Verified player

Lead CM
Global rank #2
Country rank   #1
Clan Taiko GangStars
PP 8,345
Ranked score 204,385,500
Total score 321,653,760
Playcount 338
Replays watched 25
Total hits 240,264
Accuracy 99.95%
Ranks 99.95%
Level 36