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This is a list of the wonderful people who keep Enjuu up and running and deal with its community.


Admins are the managers of Enjuu. They can change things on the server as they see fit.
They manage of our Discord server as well as manage all support services.


Community Managers

Community Managers deal with bans, silences, name changes and pretty much everything that has to do with the community. Some Admins do this too!
They moderate our Discord server and reply to support requests on Discord. Community Managers have a red name in the in-game chat.



Developers add and fix things on the server.
They don't do anything related to the community. Developers have a blue name in the in-game chat.



QAT members ensure the BAT doesn't rank maps that aren't supposed to be ranked. They also have moderator permissions.


Chat Moderators

Chat moderators manage the chat to make sure The Law™ (the rules) is respected.



BATs manage the beatmap queues and rank maps according to the ranking criteria.

Special thanks

Here's a list of superbly awesome people who helped with Enjuu.

  • Franc[e]sco/lolisamurai, for oppai, used as standard pp calculator.
    oppai is licensed under GPL v3. Our implementation can be found here.
  • Tom94, for osu-performance, used as a reference for our mania pp calculator.
    osu-performance is licensed under AGPL v3.
  • Sunpy, for catch-the-pp, used as catch the beat pp calculator.
    catch-the-pp is licensed under GPL v3. Our implementation can be found here.
  • jrosdahl, for miniircd, used as a base for our IRC server.
    miniircd is licensed under GPL v2. Our implementation can be found here.
  • GamerzHost, for having hosted Enjuu on his server.
  • Kotrik, for the Beatmap search.
  • Everyone who has supported the Enjuu project by donating or inviting other people.
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