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You have trouble connecting to Enjuu or want to socialize with the community?
Join our discord server now! We are waiting for you.

Also feel free to visit our new host! -

Due to recent multiaccounting activity account creation has been limited, Please visit the discord server and visit the #faq channel.

What has Donator for Additions?

Donator has a lot of additions but Enjuu don’t have a form for automated donating. Normally Donator costs 3€/month, but we can add sales to the price.


  • Yellow Name in Discord
  • Yellow Name Ingame
  • Custom Profile Backround
  • A Badge on your Profile, only if you don’t have any other Badges
  • Friend Rankings
  • Unlimeted Stats, Flag and Name changes
  • A custom Badge that you can customize What can I do if I want to donate Write Kazuki or Justin a Message ;3